Top 5 Things To Do In Zagreb

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Posted by Teodora Antunovich on October 01, 2018

1. Enjoy a drink and a spot of people-watching with the locals in Tkalčićeva Street

This charming pedestrian avenue has a long history - the streets used to be an ancient river separating the districts of Kaptol and Gradec. Colourful, quaint, and lined with boutiques, restaurants and cafes, it has the highest concentration of these venues in Croatia. Share a meal or a few drinks with friends at Oliver Twist or Melin, popular spots full of local people and good, affordable beer. Find a place with outdoor seating to enjoy a warm summer evening and people watching, or connecting with fellow travellers.

2. Find a Vincek bakery and indulge in your choice of cake or ice cream

It is rare to find a bakery with so much passion, cultural significance and charm in one place! The family-owned Vincek is the leading Croatian cakery brand, and it was the first to offer the famous Zagreb custard slices topped with whipped cream and high-quality chocolate. Using only the best local ingredients ensures the full Zagreb experience for your dessert. There are a few shops sprinkled around, so it’s easy to find one wherever you explore the city! Unique delicacies include pastries, cakes, fancy biscuits, chestnut puree, ice cream and more to order.

3. Discover the local festivals on offer

Dvorišta Festival, the festival of The Courtyards, is a ten-day unforgettable event. Travellers have a special opportunity to experience some of the beautiful palaces of the Zagreb’s Upper Town. You can also try new flavours with snacks, refreshing drinks and wonderful music artists. This event has won two prestigious awards for the most creative and innovative project in Croatian tourism.

Art Park, is located between Strossmayer Promenade and Tomićeva Street. This spot was transformed into an urban park and a vibrant open-air museum. Stop by to experience summer art, play ping-pong, listen to concerts, try yoga or drawing sessions, watch films, have a cold beverage or a local craft beer and just relax.

4. Visit Mirogoj cemetery

For those who love history and architecture, this is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. Located at the base of Mount Medvednica, it’s an easy 30 minute walk from the city centre, or a 10 minute drive. Designed in 1876 by Austrian-born architect Herman Bollé, the majestic arcade is topped by a string of cupolas. Explore the arcades, pavilions and tombs to feel the connecting generations of Zagreb and quiet beauty of the design.

5. Explore the city on foot

This is single handedly the best way to experience everything Zagreb has to offer, in every season. Simply exploring the gorgeous shop-lined streets beneath leafy trees (or freshly fallen snow) will lead you to discover some of the most charming spots. Keep an eye out for the iconic St Mark’s Church, try the view from Lotrščak Tower, pick up fresh produce from Dolac Markets, wander Tkalčićeva Street, or choose the perfect souvenir shopping on Ilica Street.