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Explore Italy

Everything you have heard is true – all of it, even the bits about narrow little alleys that open onto lively marketplaces filled with figs, olives, pomegranates, rich goat cheeses and huge wheels of Parmesan, prosciutto and spicy salamis.

The architecture is overwhelmingly beautiful, magnificent, ancient and accessible. You really do get to wander through the original streets of Rome where past Caesars ruled. And yes, you will be able to roam the hills of Tuscany and have your lunch under the grapevines, taking in the wafting lavender.

Romance really was born on the romantic canal ways of Venice, where Gondoliers have serenaded lovers for centuries past. Feel the excitement when visiting the leather markets of Florence, or checking out the highest fashion houses of Milan – shopping is a true pleasure to be experienced in Italy.

Yes, it’s truly Italy.