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Germany has a diverse and rich history, landscapes of flowing rivers, deep forests, rugged mountain ranges. It has a fascinating cultural heritage and its unique architecture is not to be missed.

Germanys capital Berlin is the largest city in the country and its vibrant and rugged city landscapes and turbulent history make it a must see. Its major historical sites include the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor and Checkpoint Charlie and Museum Island, which has a Unesco World Heritage status since 1999.

Germany is a country rich in natural beauty. It has many National Parks and reserves with their own unique features. The Black Forest National Park in southwest Germany is known for its evergreen forest, picturesque villages and often associated with Brothers Grimm fairy tales. There is the Harz National Park, Hunrick-Hochwald National Park, famous for its dramatic natural backdrop and Rhon Unesco Biosphere Reserve, to name a few.

Germany is also home to some great writers and famous composers like Goethe (birth place; Frankfurt), Bach (birth place: Leipzig) and Beethoven (birth place: Bonn).

Trace back the steps of those great influences of our modern times and immerse yourself in the world’s largest Volksfest: The Oktoberfest. An annual event held in Munich Bavaria, where famous Germany beers flows freely.

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Berlin is a city of the past and the future, once separated by the infamous Berlin Wall. Today, it is a modern city that has visitors from all over the world. Why not visit one of the 175 museums.