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To describe Europe in a few words is an impossible task, try “colourful, varied, refined, loud, elegant, rugged and proud”. You soon see that each country is fiercely different and offers the traveller something unique.

European cities with their rich histories, disarray of architectures, cultural heritage, strong tastes and scents are reminiscent of times gone by, and some may argue that they belong to our past. We on the contrary, know this not to be the case, by visiting Europe often we see the cities are very much alive, continually evolving and constantly changing – they are the face of Europe today. When considering a holiday in Europe there are endless options to fit into any budget and imagination. Take in wondrous cities, the finest cuisine, and breathtaking scenery featuring mountains, islands, rivers and seas that legends are made of. You will find all of this in today’s popular destinations of Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Germany, as well as the exciting and emerging countries of Eastern Europe and the grand old cities of Sarajevo, Prague, Krakow, St Petersburg, Vilnius, Riga and Moscow – promising to enrich any European holiday.

When considering your next visit, why not see our exciting range of tours through Central, Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, all of which are comprehensively researched and tested. Our experienced team has intimate knowledge of the destinations on offer and will be pleased to research suitable options. Send us a request and we will reply to you or your designated travel agent.