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Formally part of the Soviet Union, Estonia is completely unique. It borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland and has over 1500 islands, rocky beaches, deep green forests, and transparent lakes.

Once a part of the Soviet Union, Estonia is dotted with castles, churches and hilltop fortresses. Its fairy-tale capital, Tallinn, is well known for its Unesco-protected Old Town. It is one of Europe’s completed walled cities. A Christmas in Tallinn will be an unforgettable memory to treasure for years to come. In Estonia’s largest National Park; Lahemaa, you will find an extensive network of forest trails for walker and cyclis. Discover Saaremaa, Estonia’s largest island ‘Island Land’. It is roughly the size of Luxembourg and covered with forests of pine. Time seems to stand still in the tiny villages with picturesque windmills and light houses. Estonia’s premier seaside resort, Pärnu is synonymous with fun in the sun; locally described as ‘Estonia’s Miami’ or the nation’s ‘summer capital’. It has leafy streets and expansive parks and is a popular ‘get away’ for visitors from Finland and former Soviet Union.

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Tallinn is rich in history and culture, a city mixed with old and the new. You can visit the Old Town and learn the history of the city, then the next minute you can be back in modern civilisation.

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Due to the WWII, Narva experienced heavy damage and had to be rebuilt. Most of the architecture is in Soviet style. It has been said that Narva is the melting pot of Estonian and Russian cultures.