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Hungary is located in Central Europe and offers many unique destinations. Low mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, plains, many small quaint villages and its must-see vibrant capital city, Budapest.

Across Hungary are more than 300 thermal hot springs. Increasingly popular are the thermal Rudas Baths in Budapest. Build in 1566, these renovated baths are the most Turkish in Budapest. 
Budapest’s Castle Hill is a limestone plateau towering over the Danube’s River’s west bank and is the Hungarian Capital’s most spectacular sight. In the outskirts of Budapest you will find a fascinating museum “Memento” park. You will find numerous Communist monuments and statues being an important part of the history of the country. 
Lake Balaton is the Hungary’s sea, its Continental Europe’s largest lake. People come here to sun and swim in summertime. Visit Tihany, on a peninsula 4km into the lake where you find a stunning abbey church. 
Everyone loves to visit Eger. A beautifully preserved baroque architecture town with a Mediterranean feel. It lies between two of northern Hungary’s most beautiful ranges of hills Bükk and Mátra and it is also home of some of Hungary’s best wines.

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With about 80 geothermal springs, why not check yourself into one of the local spa’s and soak up in one of the natural baths. The westside of the city is known as Buda and the east is called Pest.