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Albania is a hidden gem of the Balkans, bordering the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. You will find dreamy beaches along its gorgeous coastline set amongst a backdrop of picturesque mountains.

After the fall of communism in 1991, Albania swung open its gates. The first curious tourists arrived to discover a land with ancient codes of conduct. Albania has many castles and archaeological sites, ready to be discovered.
Experience some of Albania’s best scenery on the wonderful day-trek between the isolated mountain villages of Valbona and Thet. Alternatively, explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed ‘museum town’ Berat, known as the city of a thousand windows.
You will be able to catch some sun at one of the many gorgeous beaches on the Albanian Riviera. You could also take a trip to Gjirokastra, a traditional Albanian mountain town, with its spectacular Ottoman-era mansions and impressive hilltop fortress.
Visiting Tirana is a must. It is the heart and capital of Albania and is a big metropolis worth discovering by day and night. It has the finest museums, theatres, and galleries representing the national arts.

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Located in the central region of Albania, surrounded by the Dajti Mountains. It is a city filled with great history. For those who enjoy a nice stroll, why not grab a coffee and walk through the park?

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Located on the eastern side of Shkodra Lake, you will find one of the oldest cities in Albania. For lovers of sweet things, why not visit a local patisserie and try some of the local sweets?