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Posted by Teodora Antunovich on June 15, 2017

Wanderlust is a beautiful thing, and I feel so lucky to follow its calling. 

I am delighted to announce that I am packing my suitcase to explore Croatia, the gorgeous country of my family heritage. My path will also lead through Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro, just to mention a few spots! Follow my blog for adventures, insider tips and insights into Croatia and Europe travel and culture.

My connection to culture started from a young age. Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand’s most cosmopolitan city, and my family’s love for our Croatian heritage, inspired my passion for cultural diversity and people. Although my initial plan was to pursue a career in media, I realised my true calling was with travel and culture. I decided to enter our family-owned travel agency – Croatia Times Travel, where I work as a sales & marketing coordinator.

I am excited to connect with the friendly locals, discover new flavours and experience some of the most stunning sights in the Adriatic's brightest gem. A few destinations that I never fail to visit include the Dalmatian Coastline, Zagreb, and the Istria region. I will definitely be adding new places to my list this year.

I hope that my passion for travelling and celebrating the riches Croatia has to offer will inspire a few of you to go on a European adventure yourselves. The world is a fascinating place waiting to be discovered, and Croatia, with its secluded beaches, delicious foods, charming cafes and historic sites, is the perfect starting point. 

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