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You will find the Republic of Serbia in the heart of Balkans. Although off the tourist track, this country with a soul captivates its visitors, with its historic metropolises and incredible landscapes.

The capital Belgrade is where the Sava and Danube rivers meet. This post-communist city is a rugged capital city with many tales to tell. Explore the city and you will discover art nouveau masterpieces, old socialist apartment blocks and remnants of the Habsburg dynasty. Enjoy a coffee in one of the modern cafés at the Knez Mihailova, a lively pedestrian boulevard flanked by historical buildings. Belgrade’s night life is world class, a visit to the river side bars and night clubs are a must.

Visit the Tara National Park for your outdoor appetite. The parks main attraction is the adrenaline inducing Drina River canyon, the third largest of its kind in the world. You will also find Serbia’s largest population of endangered brown bears in Tara’s woods. Đerdap National Park is Serbia’s largest National Park, located on the right shore of the Danube bordering with Romania. The astounding Đerdap Gorge is Europe’s longest and highest gorge, stretching over 100 kilometres.

One of Serbia's most sacred sites is the Unesco-listed Studenica monastery. It was established in 1196 by the founder of the Serbian empire. There are two well-preserved churches within the monastery's impressive white-marble walls. Bogorodičina Crkva (Church of Our Lady) and the smaller Kraljeva Crkva (King's Church). In summer The Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad is visited by thousands of music-goers to enjoy the epic EXIT Festival.