Experiencing the Divine Amalfi Coastline by Boat

Posted by Teodora Antunovich on August 06, 2017

To understand the true beauty of the Amalfi Coastline, you really must experience it for yourself. The breathtaking images cannot do this region justice! 

55km of “divine coast” is comprised of 13 towns: Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiaiano, Ravello, Scala, Tramonti and Vietri sul Mare. Each town has unique traditions but they are connected by a signature character. Charming little villas nestle in the countryside in hues of pastel and white. Situated against a backdrop of the most breathtaking cliffs, crisp blue sky and sparkling waves frame the coastline like a painting.

The absolute best way to travel through this wondrous destination is by boat. There is something so romantic and luxurious about viewing the Amalfi Coast by sea. During our stay in Positano, we joined two small-group boat tours, each with a different focus.

Departing from Positano, we cruised on a small speedboat to Capri island for the first tour. The small boat allowed us to pause along the way and explore little grottos. The water was refreshingly cool and clear for a swim, with plenty of time to dry off before arriving to Capri. Although the trip was supposed to include a visit to the famous Blue Cave (or Blue Grotto) we chose to forego the visit because of the long wait to get in. (This is often the case during a visit in high season.) To reach the blue cave, your tour boat must cue in a line, and once you reach the "top" you may enter the cave in a small rowboat. We had more fun exploring the small grottos on the tour!

The gondola ride up to Anacapri is a must-do! It is a trip for the brave - a single seat chairlift to the top of a mountain. Despite being afraid of heights, the solo ride up was worth it to see the spectacular view. The ride back down was a lot less scary than going up!

Our second boat tour focused on immersion in the true beauty and history of the Amalfi Coast. We had a chance to hear fascinating facts and stories from the guide, swim in more beautiful grottos and discover hidden beaches along the way. Spotting villas of celebrities, such as Sophia Loren, was a treat for anyone who loves spectacular design and luxury.

A day can’t be completed without a relaxed meal of local flavours, so we stopped at a beach club near Praiano. Lunch included a glass of Campania Region wine and spaghetti served with freshly caught lobster. Delicious!

Experiencing the Amalfi Coastline by boat allows you to see the towns in their most raw forms, and is my top recommended tour. You can truly appreciate the small fishing villages with their incredible villas, and learning history from a local as you cruise the coast is simply magic.


Hotel Conca D'Oro - Positano Hotel Feature

Posted by Teodora Antunovich on July 07, 2017

From the moment you reach Positano you know you are in the one of the most beautiful places in the world. The landscapes, the beautiful cliff top houses, and of course the view of the Mediterranean Sea are all breathtaking and unique. Staying at our accommodation at Hotel Conca D’Oro absolutely complimented these surroundings.

Upon arrival we received a warm welcome from the porter who met us on the main road and incredibly managed to carry our two large suitcases up 107 steps to the hotel! The hostess gave us the grand tour, leading us from the charming breakfast and restaurant terrace to the relaxing sun terrace, decked with sunbeds and a refreshing cool jacuzzi perfect for escaping the heat.

After settling into our spacious room, a faint buzz announced a visitor. To our surprise it was a waiter from the hotel staff surprising us with a complimentary bottle of Prosecco on ice. This experience kept getting better! It turns out if you book the superior room, deluxe or the honeymoon suite, the lovely Prosecco is included as a little extra touch.

The view from the room (and the entire hotel) is truly sensational. Situated near the top of the main road in Positano, it only took about 15 minutes to walk down to the beach and main town. While walking to the centre, it felt easy to lose ourselves in the many boutique stores selling dreamy linen, lace clothing, local souvenirs and of course Limoncello.

Our final night was topped off by enjoying a long candlelit dinner at the hotel restaurant. Seated on the terrace, overlooking the whole of Positano, it could not be a more perfect night. The food was spectacular as well! We enjoyed a selection of local seafood, handmade gnocchi and a refreshing Caprese Salad.

Although it is only a 3-star hotel, Conca D’Oro has a reputation as being more beautiful and of a higher standard than many of the 4-star hotels in the area. With its fresh coat of peachy paint for the summer season and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect respite during your holiday!

6 Adriatic Must Haves

Posted by Teodora Antunovich on June 25, 2017

These are my must-have items for your suitcase when visiting Italy and Croatia's Adriatic this summer.

1.       Turkish Towel

These trendy threads are the most versatile item to pack for your summer travels. Turkish towels pack small, dry quickly and become softer with every wash. They are perfect for lounging on the beach and double as a scarf or sarong!

2.       Linen Shirt

You cannot go wrong with a white linen shirt for any occasion. The natural fibres breathe, keeping you cool and protecting your skin from the sun. The white shirt is also a style classic  - layer it as a cover-up over your swimwear, tucked into your jeans or tied over a summer dress. Whether you’re sailing on a yacht or dressing up for an evening at dinner, it’s perfect for hot days or balmy nights.

3.       Summer Dress

Definitely pack a breezy summer dress to take you anywhere from sightseeing to romantic evenings. Choose something light and classy – dress up with heels or get comfortable with tennis shoes for your tours. It’s a chance to play with your wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to go for patterns or colour!

4.       White Sneakers

These are your daytime must-have for sightseeing. At home on boats, walking tours and relaxing on a beach, pair these with denim or your staple summer dress. I never travel without them.

5.       Bath Bag

It helps to stay organised on your busy trips. Always pack a gorgeous bath bag – how dreamy are the florals and whites! This will keep your suitcase free of clutter, and make you smile every time you get ready for the day.

6.       Statement Earrings

This little item will elevate anything you pair it with. Add instant charm to your casual daywear or evening outfits. I’m packing my favourite pair!

Turkish towel - Redcurrent

Linen Shirt – The Reformation

Dress – The Reformation

Sneakers – Superga

Bath Bag – Ruby

Earrings - Ruby

Meet Teodora

Posted by Teodora Antunovich on June 15, 2017

Wanderlust is a beautiful thing, and I feel so lucky to follow its calling. 

I am delighted to announce that I am packing my suitcase to explore Croatia, the gorgeous country of my family heritage. My path will also lead through Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro, just to mention a few spots! Follow my blog for adventures, insider tips and insights into Croatia and Europe travel and culture.

My connection to culture started from a young age. Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand’s most cosmopolitan city, and my family’s love for our Croatian heritage, inspired my passion for cultural diversity and people. Although my initial plan was to pursue a career in media, I realised my true calling was with travel and culture. I decided to enter our family-owned travel agency – Croatia Times Travel, where I work as a sales & marketing coordinator.

I am excited to connect with the friendly locals, discover new flavours and experience some of the most stunning sights in the Adriatic's brightest gem. A few destinations that I never fail to visit include the Dalmatian Coastline, Zagreb, and the Istria region. I will definitely be adding new places to my list this year.

I hope that my passion for travelling and celebrating the riches Croatia has to offer will inspire a few of you to go on a European adventure yourselves. The world is a fascinating place waiting to be discovered, and Croatia, with its secluded beaches, delicious foods, charming cafes and historic sites, is the perfect starting point. 

Follow my ongoing adventures and travel inspiration on Instagram @croatiatimestravel and Facebook