MS Panagiota (2001)

At 23m long and 6m wide, Panagiota is an affectionately restored wooden motor ship, which represents the classic ship type of the Kaiki. With a warm welcome, the captain and his crew invite their guests onboard. A noble teakwood deck, a comfortably decorated salon surrounded by colourful glass paintings, convenient sitting areas on the entire ship and the cushioned mats on the sun decks facilitate a homely comfort. The 10 guest cabins are stylishly furnished and named after Greek islands, all air conditioned and fitted with shower and toilet.

Ship Specifications
Year of construction:
Size of ship: 23m length x 6m width
Size of cabins: 6-8m2
Number of cabins: 10 guest cabins (max 20 guests), 6 cabins are located below deck and 4 cabins are located above deck
Cabin equipment: Air conditioning, mirror
Beds: Double beds: 200x140cm, Single & Bunk beds: 200x80cm, all beds are equipped with high quality mattresses of the German brand Diamona
Service: Cabin service, fresh towels at mid-week
Special onboard features: 2 masts with sails, couch mats on the sun decks, 2 big tables with chairs on the covered rear deck

The overall 10 cabins of the Panagiota are small and cosy. Following the example of the famous yacht Christina of tanker King Onassis, the cabins are named after Greek islands. Four of the guest cabins of the Panagiota are above deck and have doors, which open outwards, so fresh air can be provided at any time. They each have a French bed with a single bunk above - so they can be occupied by three people. Attached bathrooms are equipped with all-in-one showers, washbasin and toilet. Another six cabins, equipped with French beds, are below deck. Two of them offer a bunk bed above the French bed and another two cabins offer a ground-level bed just next to the French bed. The functional bathrooms are also equipped with an all-in-one shower, washbasin and toilet.

The bright and friendly salon of the Panagiota is equipped with two large dining tables, which offer comfortable place for everyone - whether for taking the meals or a cosy chat. The well-stocked bar serves a wide selection of cooled beverages.

On two large sun decks the sunbathers get their money's worth, it is a pleasure to relax and read on the numerous comfortable sleeping mats. At the rear, on the other hand, there are enough shady spots for guests who prefer it a little cooler. The swim ladder provides an easy access to the sea and back onboard - or you dare taking a dip from the railing into the refreshing water.

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