MS Casanova (2014)

MS Casanova provides accommodation in 19 spacious outside cabins with ensuites and A/C for up to maximum 36 passengers. Constructed from steel, MS Casanova has the length of 39.5m and width of 8m, powered by two engines for the cruising speed of 9NM. There are two generators for A/C and 220V electrical power supply. Passenger cabins are situated on Lower Deck and Main Deck. Crew members are accommodated in separate quarters. Spacious and fully A/C dining area includes a 72m2 restaurant with a lounge conveniently located on the Upper Deck. The restaurant is equipped with an adjacent bar, LCD TV, easy-access chairs at each table, buffet breakfast corner, bar furniture, wireless internet, loud-speakers, audio-system and panoramic windows. Kitchen (galley) is made in accordance with the newest HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards. On the highest ship’s deck there is a fenced and spacious Sun Deck with sun loungers at disposal covering an area of 180m2. The ship has the rear swimming platform with 2 ladders and handrails for an easy access to the sea.


Year Built / Refurbished: 2014
Length: 39.5m
Width: 8m
Speed: 9NM
Max Capacity: 36 passengers
Crew Number: 6
Total Cabins: 19
Upper Deck Cabins: -
Cabin Size (m2): -
Main Deck Cabins: 5D, 6T
Cabin Size (m2): 13-15
Lower Deck Cabins: 2D, 6T
Cabin Size (m2): 14-16
A/C Cabins: Yes
Ensuite Cabins: Yes
VIP Cabins: No
Balconies: No
Salon: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Bar: Yes
Shaded Lounge: Yes
Lounge Chairs / Sofas: Yes
Club Tables: Yes
Sun Deck: Yes (180m2)
Sun Beds / Deck Chairs: Yes
Jacuzzi: -
Pool: No
Swimming Platform: Yes
Outdoor Showers: Yes (2)
Outside Toilets: -
Electricity: 220V
PA System: Yes
WiFi (restrictions may apply): Yes


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