Year Built / Refurbished: 2017
Length: 49m
Width: 8.7m
Speed: 9NM
Max Capacity: 40 passengers
Crew Number: 6
Total Cabins: 19
Sun Deck Cabins: 1D
Cabin Size (m2): 13-15
Upper Deck Cabins: 2D
Cabin Size (m2): 13-15
Main Deck Cabins: 3T, 5D
Cabin Size (m2): 13-15
Lower Deck Cabins: 2T, 4D, 2TR
Cabin Size (m2): 14-16
A/C Cabins: Yes
Ensuite Cabins: Yes
VIP Cabins: No
Balconies: No
Salon: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Bar: Yes
Shaded Lounge: Yes
Lounge Chairs / Sofas: Yes
Club Tables: Yes
Sun Deck: Yes
Sun Beds / Deck Chairs: Yes
Jacuzzi: Yes
Pool: Yes
Swimming Platform: Yes
Outdoor Showers: Yes
Outside Toilets: -
Electricity: 220V
PA System: -
WiFi (restrictions may apply): Yes

Note: Ship specifications and deck plan are a guide only, details to be advised.

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