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From $POA Location: Great Barrier Island

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Staying on Aotea Great Barrier Island is a real escape from everyday life. It is such an "off the beaten track" spot that groups have to be split over two hosts. Both are located in the Tryphena area for guests to enjoy the tranquillity of the nearby deserted beaches, relaxing rustic decor, outstanding food and harbour views.

Visiting the island is different than travelling to other parts of New Zealand and it is important guests understand this. There are simply no large hotels or even motels on the island, all the options here are small and locally run. For this reason, groups are split between the two accommodation houses. We all love the laid back and relaxed atmosphere, especially those of us who live in cities, but we cannot expect every single amenity the city offers on "the island".

Your accommodation on Great Barrier may not have an exclusive ensuite bathroom.