Croatia Airlines - Current Travel Information - 02 September 2020

Croatia Airlines cares about your safety

Cabin crew

Cabin crew members who are in direct contact with passengers and ground personnel are equipped with adequate protective gear.

Disinfection and cleaning of aircraft

All Croatia Airlines aircraft are being regularly cleaned and disinfected every day. Crew members are equipped with different disinfectants.

Air in the passenger cabin

Passengers and crew breathe a mixture of fresh and recirculated air aboard the aircraft. The air is remixed with a fresh supply from the engines and run through HEPA filters. These are hospital quality filters which are able to trap particles as small as bacteria and viruses.

Please help us keep you safe, take care of yourself and others by following our instructions.

Before departure
▪ Please check your temperature before going to the airport.
▪ In case you are not feeling well or you have symptoms of respiratory infection that may signify COVID-19, please stay home and contact the Contact Centre to cancel your ticket.
▪ We kindly ask all passengers to check the current travel and entry restrictions of your destination as well as hygienic and protective measures against COVID-19 at the airport of your departure and arrival. Detailed information can be found here.
▪ Due to the situation, boarding will start earlier than usually. Passengers will board the aircraft in smaller groups (5-10 passengers). Business Class passengers and special category passengers will be boarding first.
▪ Please respect the minimal distance of 2 metres in the passenger terminal and while boarding the aircraft.
▪ We recommend that passengers adjust their hand baggage weight and amount to the current situation and transfer conditions - women’s handbags, smaller backpacks and laptop cases that can be carried on the shoulder are allowed. Larger hand baggage must be dropped off at the check-in desk.

During the flight
▪ All passengers are required to bring and wear face masks/facial coverings aboard all Croatia Airlines flights. Children (up to 6 years old) are exemption from mandatory wearing of face coverings/mask. Masks must be worn during the whole flight.
▪ Acceptable facial coverings include: double layer cotton face masks, surgical masks, filtering half masks with or without valve (FFP2/N95). Please note that visors (face shields) may not be worn as a substitute for mouth-nose covers on Croatia Airlines flights, since they only block droplets emitted directly to the front and still allow the breath to escape to the sides. Therefore, they do not provide comparable protection.
▪ Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. If you don't have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
▪ Avoid touching surfaces onboard as much as possible, as well as using the air supply nozzles.
▪ Croatia Airlines has ensured that every passenger has cleaning wipes onboard for wiping their seats (headrest, armrests, air supply nozzles…).
▪ Due to safety reasons, regular inflight service has been cancelled until further notice on all Croatia Airlines flights. Water is available on request.

After arrival
▪ After the plane has landed, please remain seated until cabin crew calls you to leave the plane in smaller groups.
▪ Please respect our recommendations, keep the minimal distance of 2 metres and wear a mask while exiting the aircraft and entering the passenger terminal.

Source: Croatia Airlines - COVID-19 Updates | Croatia Times Travel Update 02 September 2020

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